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About Kingdom Aquaponics™



Kingdom Aquaponics™ believes many people have decided that the effects of human activity needs to be shifted in a positive direction when it comes to sustainability in landscape care. We are set to offer our clients a new alternative to organic fertilizers. In order to have a sustainable redirection, we need options in landscape care that work.

With years of careful documentation, common sense and multiple disciplines of composting, brewing compost tea and making compost extracts - we have created these products. They contain just the right biological ingredients to make plants thrive and are made to order based on your soil and plant needs.

Kingdom Aquaponics™, along with the input and guidance from our experienced advisors and team members have combined and blended years of a variety of organic practices with modern manufacturing principals to produce products that perform with optimum results. We cultivate the finest new alternative to organic matter and add our fish byproducts, along with other naturally harvested food sources to produce your products. By cultivating our ingredients and blending them accordingly, we can fill orders based on individual requirements.

By batch composting in small units placed in a controlled environment, we can combine or add just the right ingredients at the right time in the process. To further the potency of our landscape product, we turn the compost by hand which ensures all the organisms remain intact. Once our ingredients are finished, we add our fish byproducts and run it through our production equipment to increase the diversity and enhance the final product. Our results speak for themselves in our approach to new alternative to organic landscape care and products.

Thank you for supporting our journey,

Kingdom Aquaponics™

Our Mission to Deliver You the Best  Landscape Care Products 


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