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Helping You Build A Concrete Connection Between Your Soil And Your Plants.


We help you grow great plants naturally and truly organically.


Kingdom Aquaponics™ is revolutionizing the landscape, organic plant care and green growing industry.


Technology has given us the knowledge and tools that allows us to make the  highest quality, most consistent soil and plant biology products available today.  


K.A.‘s Rejuvenate™, K.A.’s Harmonize™, K.A.‘s Alliance™, and K.A. Fulvic are the diamond of soild health and beautiful plants.  


K.A.'s Alliance™ consistencyis coarse and can be used as an additive. Please contact us for specific inormation.


K.A's Rejuvenate's™ consistency is fine and can be mixed with water to create an instant brew. Please contact us for specific inormation.


K.A.'s Harmonize™ is a liquid form of humic acid. Please contact us for specific inormation.  


K.A. Fulvic™ is a liquid form of celular probiotic. Please contact us for specific inormation.


International, institutional, industrial and academic studies have proven the benefits of using natural practices for plant production, health and yields. From drought, pest and environmental pressures to climate changes, it has proven its potential.


Our product benefits: 


  • Builds soil structure, health and respiration.  


  • Provides high levels of diverse fungi which is critical to a competent eco system. 


  • Reduces water needs.


  • Functions in conjunction with synthetics


  • Reduces the need for added synthetic inputs.

  • A natural food source for soil extracted during our patented stripping process.

  • Reduces nitrate and phosphate runoff into storm water.



Our team of dedicated and experienced researchers, developers, practitioners, and experts in plant health, soil and landscape care have created this product line over several years of collaborative efforts.  Before any of our organic based products become available, they are field tested on public parks, private homes and universities to make sure they meet our strict standards of quality.


We blend and strip our own artisan compost, free range wormcastings and fish byproducts. We have concentrated the soil food web into our easy to use products and deliver all the necessary organisms intact for the needs of the organic landscape and the natural plant care industry.


Finally, commercial clients who are seeking a more natural way to manage plant health, whether in organic landscapes, turf, trees, greenhouses or farming, have all the necessary tools to succeed. Kingdom Aquaponics™ will not stop until your project is thriving.


Our all natural products have the potential to be used on all types plants in a variety of conditions.  Kingdom Aquaponics™ will be standing behind you, our product and “rooting” for your success!


                        Kingdom Aquaponics™




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