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ALLIANCE™ is a concentrated fibrous matrix that that is ideal as a brewing ingredient, mixing with soils for planting/transplanting and can also be molded into a plug to be installed into core holes around stressed trees or used with soil injection equipment. Our unique process combines biologically concentrated materials that are made of plant based compost, worm castings and fish by products containing trillions of  beneficial microbes. This product will instantly boost protozoa and fungi during the brewing/extraction process to levels that will radically increase nutrient cycling once applied to the land.  Your product can also be amended for brownfields and storm water applications. 


ALLIANCE™ for brewing is easy to use, cost effective and will increase the quality of your product instantly.

Alliance™ is ideal for new tree acclimation and mature tree restoration and for also blending with peat and coir for starting out plants and flowers. 


Prior to ordering Alliance™, we will need to learn more about the landscape you are treating. Please fill out our landscape questionnaire on this page.

Need specifications? Click to view the manuals below.

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