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Kingdom Aquaponic's™ Landscape Care Products

Check out our line of products below that will benefit all your land care needs. 

We produce solely based on orders which are filed the following week. This guarantees the freshest product we can provide.


If you are looking for a way to add a boost to your landscape, take a look at our products to see which suits your land care needs best.


Many of our clients are looking to resolve their landcare issues in a more customizable fashion, and Kingdom Aquaponics™ is there for you.  Simply fill out our questionnaire below prior to ordering so we may better suit your needs. Also, we will be asking for you to send a soil sample so our labs can take a look to see what your soil is lacking so we can customize a batch that will suit your landscape perfectly. 


Simply fill out our questionnaire below which will be emailed to us, and send a sample of your soil in a zip lock bag for inspection to:


Kingdom Aquaponics™ 

19 First Ave.

Virginville, PA 19564






At BioSmart™ Diagnostics, we diagnose the living components of your soil and provide data and video along with a score level of soil productivity and how it relates to plant health. We then custom blend biological products specifically for your soil and plant needs. Based on soil and plant score level, the product may be a maintenance material or a multi-step formula to optimize health and function of both soil and plants. 


Once we partner with you and your landscape, we provide further testing protocols to ensure that our system of diagnostics and custom blends are creating healthier environments. We Will not stop until your plants are growing at full vitality and potential. 

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