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Rockefeller Center

Three large London plane trees ranging in 12-13 inch caliber needed to be planted at Rockefeller Center to replace three that had perished. Due to the high visibility of this historical landmark, these trees were summer dug and needed additional help for survival. Rejuvenate™ and Harmonize™ were injected throughout the proposed rootball at the nursery prior to installing.  By doing this, it helps create natural nutrient cycling and also increases the beneficial fungi communities to maintain soil structure during their transport and installation. These beautiful, large were installed and K.A.'s Alliance was placed throughout the rootball and the new soil, along with weekly injections with Rejuvenate™ and Harmonize™. Although these new trees lost leaves during the process, currently, these trees are growing new leaves and roots and acclimating to their new home. One hundred percent survival rate is expected.

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